Institutional Constraints to Gender Equality in Sub-Saharan Africa

The purpose of this visualization is to raise awareness of the primary institutional constraints thwarting gender equality in sub-Saharan Africa. The visualizations are categorically separated. Each section shows Africa's overall compliance distribution and provides geographical plotting for each country in the region.

Created by: Ryan Sofranko

Data Source: World Bank Group

Can married women to choose where they live the same way as a man?

Can a married woman choose where to live in the same way as a man?

Can a married woman be "head of household" or "head of family" in the same way as a man? 

Can a married woman convey citizenship to her non-national spouse in the same way as a man?

Can a married woman get a job or pursue a trade or profession in the same way as a man?

Is there a non-discrimination clause in the constitution?

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